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Physician Directory

The physicians and staff at Saint Luke’s Surgicenter – Lee’s Summit are leaders in their respective fields and are dedicated to providing personalized quality care to the communities they call home

For every patient who walks through our doors, we provide compassionate treatment, quality outcomes and overall satisfaction with the goal to be your healthcare choice.


John Bracken, MD

Bradley Condon, MD

Michael Ivancic, MD
Jacob Miller, MD
William Poe, MD

Nicholas Willson, MD

John Yost, MD


Mark Covington, MD
Douglas Cowan, MD

Brandon Johnson, MD
Kelvin Walls, MD


Benjamin Alsop, MD
Todd Kilgore, MD
Mary Lynn Lucido, MD
Frank Totta, DO
Russell McCullough, DO

General Surgery

Michael Arroyo, MD

Stephanie Bollenbach, MD

Kelly James, MD

Sigi Joseph, MD

Megan McNally, MD

Robert Amajoyi, MD


Lisa Amsterdam, MD
Courtney Angell, MD
Michael J. Barnthouse, MD
Ingenue F. Cobbinah, MD
Rocco Florio, DO
Cathanie Halberstadt, MD
Carla Pearman, MD
Eugene H. Vandenboom, MD
Crystal Taylor, DO
Mary Brulja, DO
Susan Ezell, DO
Rebecca Lobell, MD


Michelle Boyce, MD

Michael Chappell, MD

Andrew Moyes, MD
Abraham Park, MD

Lindsay McDaniel, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

Larry Frevert, MD

Wesley Frevert, MD
Gary Go, MD
Cody Harlan, MD

Michael Hellman, MD
Scott A. Langford, MD

Christopher Maugans, MD

Megan Mayer, MD
Amar Patel, MD
Jay Rapley, MD
Alan Zonno, MD

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Steven J. Prstojevich, MD, DDS

Pain Management

Jarron Tilghman, MD

Plastic Surgery

Spencer, Eagan, MD


Joel Foster, DPM
J. Michael Hill, DPM


Nathaniel Ballek, MD
Eric DeRoo, MD

Andrew Flum, MD
Joey Guidos, MD

Gregory Horwitz, MD
William Johnson, MD

Brandan Kramer, MD
David C. Lewing, MD
James McIntosh, MD
Ryan Miller, MD
John R. Moore, MD
Joseph Myers, MD
Elizabeth Piontek, MD
Robert F. Smith, MD
Bradley K. Stanley, MD
Douglas Tietjen, MD
William T. Wilson, MD

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